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Cheer up sweet cheeks!

Once you've found your mineral foundation shade, choosing a complementary blush and bronzer is easy!

Start with the basics: warm colors complement warm skin tones, and cool colors complement cool skin tones. Want a more natural look? Choose a shade that isn't much darker or lighter than your skin. Feeling a little playful? Take it up a notch or two for greater impact.

Are you a Warm, Beige or Golden? Try peachy, coral or brick-red shades with a yellow or brown undertone. Apricot, Mimosa, Bisque, Honey Rose, Melon, Cerise, or Sospiro.

Are you a Cool? Look for something with a rosy or pink undertone. You might like Apple Blossom, Antique Rose, Pink, Black Raspberry, Leigh or Garnet might work well.

Are you Olive or Neutral? You are the lucky ones who can go either way. Play up the warmth of your skin with warm blushes or bring out a cool look with a cool blush.