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vegan beauty care

Our decades of experience in production of natural cosmetics is the basis of this vegan Demeter certified cosmetic line. The knowledge about the natural active ingredients of plants we have paired with the best possible quality of raw materials: all Demeter certified raw materials offer an absolute highest level of natural active ingredients for care and health of your skin and your body!

Dr. B. Dynamics
The idea of Dr. Edward Bach (England, 1886-1936) was to develop a simple method of preparing a new kind of remedies from certain plants, which are quite free from side effects. He selected 38 plants and produced from their blossoms, in a new way, plant essences, which became known as "Bachblüten therapy".

During the same period Dr Rudolf Steiner developed the teaching of Anthroposophy (Germany / Switzerland 1861 - 1925)
We discovered that both doctrines have many parallels and are very well suited to each other. From the ideas of Dr. Bach and Dr. Steiner we developed the system Dr. B. Dynamics. The great advantage of this system is the exceptional tolerance with maximum efficiency. The active ingredients and plant messages are transferred to the carrier substances used finely.

Provida has made the Bach Flowers with their incredible properties an important active ingredient in the Demeter certified Bach flower beauty care.